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Someone Drew Realistic Spongebob And It'll Make You Want To Cry

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SpongeBob SquarePants is one of those cartoons that everyone has heard of. He came out back in the 90s and has been going strong ever since. But now, an artist has made something that has taken the seemingly adorable sea sponge and turned him into a big ol' nightmare factory.


SpongeBob is a sea sponge and his best friend Patrick is a Starfish. They live under the sea with all their other friends and kids have loved them for years now. However, one artist looked at the two characters and thought that learning what these happy go-lucky goofballs would like as humans was a good idea... He was wrong.


Micguel Vasquez shared these images that he made and people freaked out (and for good reason). Seeing Spongebob with human-like features and limbs is almost as horrific as the pointy-headed, noseless Patrick that stands menacingly by his side.


Fair warning, these images are not for the faint at heart.

This is what SpongeBob and Patrick would look like in a live action version... No one would ever watch this.

They don't look any less horrifying when they are wearing their balloon hats....

They just look even worse up close...

Everything about this is just terrible.

At least we will always have some of the less-scarring life-like versions of our favorite cartoon characters to look at. Like the best Disney villains, or even some of the heroes.

Check out the next page to see some truly amazing life-like depictions of some of your favorite cartoon characters!

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