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TJ Isn't A 10-Year-Old Whiz Kid Anymore - See What The Cast Of Smart Guy Have Been Up To For The Past 20 Years

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If you grew up watching Smart Guy, you know that it wasn't just any other sitcom. Sure, it was about a high school kid learning life lessons and getting into hijinks.

But Smart Guy had an added twist: that high school student was a 10-year-old, who was smarter than most of his teachers.

Believe it or not, Smart Guy first aired way back in 1997. So what have the cast been up to since then?

1. Floyd Henderson - John Marshall Jones

TJ's dad was a roofer who struggled to understand all the science that his son was constantly talking about, but he always had a helpful life lesson ready for the end of each episode.

Jones's career stretches back to the '80s, and he was a regular on Melrose Place before being cast as TJ's dad. After the series wrapped up, he went on to be a regular on shows like The Troop, Still Standing, and John Doe.

But Jones's career is still going strong. You might recognize him - a little grayer than before - on episodes of The Fosters and Bosch.

2.  Marcus Henderson - Jason Weaver

Did you know Weaver was the singing voice for Simba in The Lion King? He made a big impression on the show as TJ's older (but not wiser) brother. Marcus always had a new scheme to use his brother's big brain to his own advantage.

After Smart Guy ended, Weaver had parts in movies like ATL, The Ladykillers and Drumline, but his career has slowed down since then. Aside from a bit part on Black-ish, he's only had small roles for the last few years.

3. Mo - Omar Gooding

If TJ was the brains, and Marcus was the leader, Mo was definitely the heart of the trio. He also supplied some of the show's funniest lines.

Omar Gooding, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s younger brother, had already been on Blossom and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper before starring in Smart Guy. Afterwards, he had leading parts on shows like Playmakers and the Barbershop TV series.

His latest sitcom, Family Time, just ended, so expect to see more from Gooding in the future.

4. Mackey - J.D. Walsh

Playing the dimwitted Mackey was Walsh's first big break, but he followed it up with parts in Dharma and Greg and the disastrous Tremors TV series.

While he's mainly had small roles on movie and TV shows since the '90s, he was a regular as Gordon on Two and a Half Men, and played a scientist in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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