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20 Slang Words We All Used In The 90s That Made Us Feel Super Fly

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Looking back, people in the 90s really enjoyed word play and talking with attitude (talk to the hand, anyone?). While there are some words that have managed to stick around, a few others are best left in the past.

Here are 20 slang words we all definitely used in the 90s that made us feel super fly:

1. As if

Thanks to the cult-classic film Clueless, “as if” become incorporated into every conversation we’ve ever had since 1995. It translates to "I don't think so."

2. Fly

No, not your pant’s fly. In this case the word stands for “cool.” Being told that your outfit was fly in the 90s was the ultimate compliment.  

3. All that and a bag of chips


Another way of saying something is beyond good.

4. Dead Presidents

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Another term for “money” that stems from the fact that the presidents on the U.S. bills are all dead.

5. Eat my shorts!


Bart Simpson made this immature but funny insult popular. He often used the catchphrase when rebelling against someone or something.

6. Phat

Although it is pronounced just like the word “fat,” "phat" actually means something totally different. It was often used in lieu of “excellent.” Some people argue that it stands for “Pretty hot and tempting” or “Pretty hips and thighs,” but others are convinced that it’s a misspelling of “fat,” which at some point stood for “rich.”

7. Bounce

In 90s slang, "bounce" means "to leave."

Let's continue down memory lane with even more ridiculous 90s slang...

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