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She Was A '90s Bombshell, But What Happened To Lori Petty?

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If you were a fan of movies during the 90s, chances are you were very familiar with Lori Petty's work.


The actress got her start in the late 80s on TV shows like The Thorns and Booker, but it was with A League of Their Own that she really started to pickup steam in Hollywood.


She was gorgeous, likable, funny, and just straight-up talented. After A League of Their Own she went on to wow us in big family hits like Free Willy, as well as more mature fare like The Glass Shield and In The Army Now.

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And of course, let's not forget one of the most awesome bad movies of the 90s - Tank Girl!

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Shortly after though, she seemed to disappear! Even in the early 2000s plenty of people were asking "where is she now?" Was Tank Girl really a big enough flop to cause her to leave acting entirely?

Turns out the answer's a little more complicated than you might think!

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