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Seeing What Blockbuster Stores Have Become Will Make You Miss Your Favorite Video Store

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Blockbuster was one of the biggest companies of the 90s, but where are they now? Pretty much nowhere. Well, there are still a few rogue locations open here and there, but most are closed forever.

When they closed, a lot of people felt a little bit nostalgic for the simpler times, but none of them really actually want to go back. It's so much easier to rent movies from the comfort of your own home, but it's still fun to remember how it used to be.

Going to the local Blockbuster was such a huge deal. There really were a lot of steps involved.

Step One:  Check out the new release section

You'd hope that the newest movie you have been dying to see was in stock.

If it was in stock, you would proceed to Step Three, if not, go to Step Two

Step Two: Search through the entire store to find something you want to watch

It could be a movie you have already rented five times (and should have just purchased) or something you have never seen.

It could take a while to find the perfect movie, but it was obviously worth the time you put in.

Step Three: Beg your parents to let you rent it even though they don't want to see it.

Chances are they had a movie in mind but it wasn't what you wanted to watch. If you were lucky your parents would let you rent your own movie to watch on your own.

If not, you'd have to pull out that allowance money and see if you had enough change to rent it.

Step Four: Get all the snacks you possibly could

Even though it always seemed to be super overpriced, there was something super satisfying about getting everything all in one stop. Stocking up on chips and chocolate to go along with your movie were a necessity.

Step Five: Grab that Blockbuster membership and get ready for a great night

You probably had to use your parents membership but it was totally worth it if it meant you got to watch a great movie!

Blockbuster closed down most of its stores back in 2010, but what happened to the buildings?

A lot of unused real estate was sitting vacant, waiting for something new to take over. A bunch of Reddit users decided to share what their local Blockbusters became and some of the responses will make you really sad.

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