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Rumor Has It That Bruce Willis Forced A Movie To Go Over Budget Because Of His Hair

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We all have those things that we tend to obsess over. Whether it's our bodies, our skin, or even our hair, there are just some things we are sensitive about. The thing is, actors have enough money and power to make those little concerns disappear, at least according to the rumors.

There is a really prominent rumor that is pretty hilarious about Bruce Willis and his hairline, which caused quite the fuss.

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The movie in question was called Hudson Hawk and while it was a critical flop that no one seems to remember, it is still the basis for this rumor. The film came out in 1991 and starred Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie MacDowell.

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The general plot is that a reformed burglar is forced to steal some pieces of art but it doesn't go as planned. The movie itself didn't go as planned, it only has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it didn't even make back half of its budget.

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Willis was the star of the movie but people who worked on the set have said that he was more than that. One crew member said that "I think everyone knew that Bruce was in charge. There was no mistaking it. Michael [director] might suggest a dolly shot, for instance, and Bruce would say, 'That's no good; let's do this.' And we'd have to make the adjustment and do it Bruce's way. In the beginning, Michael fought it very heavily."

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When asked about the movie, Willis disagreed with any statements about him taking control, saying that "All films are made by intense collaboration, and this wasn't anything different. Everyone thinks there's a hidden dark story about how this film was shot, but there weren't any incredible screaming matches. There really isn't a story there."

The fact is, the making of this movie did spawn a lot of rumors, including one particularly bizarre one about Bruce Willis and his insecurities.

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