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Roseanne Is Officially Coming Back To TV, And We Finally Know The Details

A few weeks ago everyone who grew up in the 90s collectively lost our sh*t when it was announced that Roseanne Barr and much of the cast were looking for a home for a potential revival of the beloved sitcom. Until today details have been pretty scarce, but enough information was confirmed that it's been hard not to be excited. First of all, unlike the recent reboots of iconic franchises - R.I.P. Ghostbusters - this is the original team coming back to continue the stories of the characters we loved. Roseanne Barr is of course going to reprise her role as Roseanne.


John Goodman is coming back as well, but since Dan died in the series finale, it's going to be interesting to see how they work around that. While Barr has hinted in the past that she'd considered a plot line where he faked his death, it's not clear whether that's the way they want to handle it.

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Sara Gilbert is also set to return, both as Darlene Connor and as executive producer along with Barr.


However the excitement over this reunion was tempered a bit by not only questions over which actors would return - which Becky will come back, for one - but also the fact that the revival didn't officially have a home yet, though streaming services like Netflix were reported to be interested. Today that all changed when ABC released an official announcement that the Roseanne revival is coming back to their network. But that's not all they announced.

ABC also confirmed that even more of the original cast will be returning. Laurie Metcalf will be back as Jackie.

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Michael Fishman will also be returning to play D.J.

We've also found out which of the Becky's will be returning since it wasn't clear whether it would be Lecy Goranson or Sarah Chalke. The answer, it turns out, is both of them. Yes, both.

It will be Lecy Goranson reprising her role as the original Becky.

Sarah Chalke will also return, but as a yet-unnamed different character. This seems like the easiest way to have both actresses come back, but as with the whole "Dan is dead" thing it'll be interesting to see what they actually do with her character.

ABC hasn't given a specific date for when the series will air, but they have said it's planned for a midseason start, likely next year. Their release described the show's return as having the Connor's dealing with "the economic challenges of living pay check to pay check in 2018." Considering the original show gave such a realistic portrayal of a working class family, there's no doubt that this revival will have plenty to say about what's been going on in the world since the show ended 20 years ago.

Are you excited about this show coming back to TV?

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