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The True Story Behind The Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal That Started It All

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Rob Lowe's first sex tape involving two young women is notoriously known to be the first-ever sex tape scandal in Hollywood.

While the "Lowe's tape" itself was shocking enough to raise eyebrows, it was the fact that the young actor broke the law that set off a media firestorm.

Lowe was a rising film star in his early twenties and inadvertently earned the title in the exclusive group known as the Hollywood Brat Pack, a nickname given to young actors who starred in coming-of-age films in the 1980s.

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His dashing looks helped him star in critically acclaimed movies like The Outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire, and About Last Night.

Lowe was propelled into the limelight at only 24, but he wanted to be known for more than just being an actor.

What came next for the former “bad boy” was something he would have never foreseen.

The making of a sex tape  

As a political junkie, he went to Atlanta, Georgia to campaign for Democratic party frontrunner Michael Dukakis at the Democratic National Convention in 1988.

But as a young star in the '80s influenced by parties, sex, and alcohol, he couldn't dissuade himself from taking a night off for some shenanigans.

He spent the night at a bash hosted by CNN founder Ted Turner, then went to the hip Club Rio on Luckie Street with Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson.

He left the nightclub with his hands full - literally. Two young women agreed to be videotaped having sex with him in his suite at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers.


The pornographic home video first featured him having sex with 16-year-old Jan Parsons, before he moved on to have sex with 22-year-old Tara Siebert.  

“I was introduced to Jan, and she introduced me to her friend Tara. They both seemed like nice enough people to me," Lowe remembered of that night.  

For Lowe it was going fine and dandy until he popped into the bathroom. The girls rushed to steal his money and took the videotape, which contained a short recording that would change the actor’s life.  

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