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Reptar Bars Are Finally Real And We're All Rushing To The Store

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We all remember watching Rugrats when we were kids. Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and all their friends were the coolest babies we knew. Admit it, you know you miss that show. They had a lot of awesome adventures but now, you can have a little tiny taste of their life.


Growing up, Rugrats was one of the most popular shows. It inspired a lot of clothing and toys, but there has always been something missing.

The kids on the show had this one thing that we all loved: Reptar. Reptar was kind of like a Godzilla-style, dinosaur-monster and the kids seemed to love him more then anything.


All the babies love the character, and in the show everything was branded with his picture on it. They had toys, clothes, costumes and everything imaginable. But the thing we were always jealous of was the amazing Reptar snacks.


Reptar Bars and Reptar Cereal looked like they were were so delicious and all we wanted was to eat a chocolate bar that would turn our tongues green.

Well, after all these years you finally can!

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