Director Claims "Practical Magic" Was Cursed By A Witch

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You would think that a movie featuring two of Hollywood's most popular leading ladies, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, would be a box office hit, but that was apparently not the case in the 90s.

When Practical Magic, a rom-com based on a 90s novel of the same, was released in 1998, the film was a total flop. The movie centers around two witch sisters living in a small town, trying to break a curse that threatens to prevent them from ever finding true love. It had everything it needed to become an instant cult classic, but the critics were not a fan.  

An Entertainment Weekly review called the film " so slapdash, plodding, and muddled it seems to have had a hex put on it." However, something changed over the years, and Practical Magic was elevated to cult status.


"It’s an unexpected pleasure," said Griffin Dunne, the movie's director, who hasn't directed a major theatrical release since Practical Magic.

When he was asked to share his thoughts on why the movie wasn't a success, and how come his career stalled, Dunne had a very unexpected and superstitious answer that may even be more interesting than the movie itself.

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