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10 Pop-Punk Bands You Definitely Loved, Even Though You Pretend You Didn't

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The early 2000s were an absolute goldmine for bands that had the catchiness of pop music but dressed up in the "edge" of punk, meaning you could sing along to it with your friends while still pretending to rebel against your parents.

While some of the genre's heavy-hitters like Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy are still selling millions of albums today, we're willing to bet you haven't thought about these 10 bands in a long time.


AFI started out as a legitimate punk band before getting progressively more poppy, but they somehow always managed to do it with a level of credibility. This is thanks to great hooks, solid instrumentation, and singer Davey Havok's killer voice.

Good Charlotte

The Madden brothers and company were definitely more on the "pop" side of the spectrum, but that made for some pretty catchy tunes.

All-American Rejects

These guys really hit big around the time that everyone was going through their "emo" phase, and their angsty anthems were a huge hit.

Taking Back Sunday

I always felt like these guys never got the attention they deserved. What do you think?

I guarantee you've forgotten about a least a few of the rest of these bands...

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