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26 Pictures Everyone From The 90s Will Remember

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A picture is worth 1000 words.

A picture from the 90s is worth 1000 words and an onslaught of nostalgia.

From school habits, to snack foods, to fashion sense, the 90s had some extremely unique aspects to it.

Scroll through all these pictures and be ready for an immediate wave of 90s flashbacks. Some good, some bad, some really, REALLY ugly.

1. Writing down every single cheat code you could find on the same piece of paper.

And then having a meltdown when you lost said piece of paper.

2. Pretended to use your skin off using white glue.

3. Used a mechanical pencil as a "needle."

4. Knowing a razor scooter was the most powerful weapon.

5. Wrote as many words as you could on a calculator.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha it says BOOBLESS hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

6. Picked Pablo Sanchez first overall

7. Huffed some scented markers.

That banana smell could send you for a loop.

8. Had a sword fight with Crayola markers.

9.  Or with these cube things that count with? IDK.

10. Using wadded up paper to literally murder someone.


TBH I still don't understand how it works.

12. PRAYED the next birthday party you went to was at laser tag.

13. Mutilated your fingers on these floor scooters.

And we're only getting started...

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