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Party of Five Was One Of The Greatest Shows Of The 90s, But What Do The Salingers Look Like Now?

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Party of Five was one of the most iconic shows of the 90s. It always seemed to get compared to the other dramas intended for young adults, like 90210 or Melrose Place.

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The story followed the five Salinger kids who were dealing with the loss of their parents after they were in a car crash. The oldest son was only 24-years-old and he had to take over as the new head of the family.

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Can you believe it has been almost 25 years since the premiere of this show? Crazy! A lot of the actors in this show have gone on to do a lot of other things, let's see what happened to them!

Matthew Fox - Charlie Salinger

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He became the legal guardian to his brothers and sisters, but obviously at the age of 24 he was not super great. After the end of this show, he went on to star in the super popular show Lost for six years. He also stared in the movie Wold War Z and Extinction.

Scott Wolf- Bailey Salinger

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The second born Salinger is only 16 when his parents die so he has a lot going on. Scott Wolf went on to star in Everwood, V, and most recently The Night Shift.

The three youngest kids changed the most! Click to the next page to see what little Owen Salinger looks like now.

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