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17 Outrageous 90s Infomercial Products That We Can Never Forget

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If you convinced your parents to make two easy payments plus shipping and handling for any of these products, then I'm sorry. Because there's no way they could live up to the awesome, weird, or downright creepy infomercials that advertised them.

1. GLH - Great Looking Hair

TheRetroTimeMachine / YouTube

When you need to cover up an unsightly bald spot, the best solution comes in a spray can - just like the best kind of cheese. As the creep at the end of this ad declares, "The BABES are back!"

2. The Thighmaster

Joe Martin Fitness

It's not every day that an infomercial makes your parents change the channel, but Suzanne Somers definitely knew what she was selling with this ad. Trust Herbert L. Gould (surgeon): this machine will give you toned thighs.

3. Understanding Computers

Coolestmovies / YouTube

Oh boy, did we ever have burning questions about how often to save our documents. And which home computer is right for me?! Thankfully this book had all the answers.

4. A Psychic Reading From Miss Cleo


Sorry to break the news to you, but Miss Cleo's accent was fake (and so are psychic readings by phone). Still, we'll always fondly remember her ads.

5. The Snackmaster


In the pioneer days of the 1990s, teens had to make their own pizza pockets using this creative appliance. But ours never looked as nice as Cathy's.

6. Blo-Pens


Did everyone convince their parents to spend $20 on these, almost choke on the paint, and then never use them again, or was that just me?

7. Stop the Insanity


This pitch for Susan Powter's weight loss program was closer to a stand-up comedy routine than an actual diet ad, but it definitely captured our attention. All together now: STOP THE INSANITY!

8. The Potty Putter

1BigBucks1 / YouTube

Every family has one person who thinks this gag gift is actually "pretty fun," but there's no guarantee it will really improve your short game. And no, this is not "ideal" for your office!

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