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Only True 'Schoolhouse Rock' Fans Will Remember These Lost Episodes

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No matter how old you are, hearing the words "I'm just a bill" is bound to bring back some happy memories.

I probably learned more from this cartoon than I did in Civics class.WUSF

Despite all of the boring and slow educational shows we watched as kids, it was always enjoyable to learn something from Schoolhouse Rock. The TV show taught us math, science and English using catchy tunes that were easy to remember.

Be honest, do you still hum the multiplication songs to yourself? That was why the show was created in the first place. Madison Avenue ad executive David McCall realized that his son couldn't remember his times tables, but could sing rock songs by heart.

He recruited legendary jazz musician Bob Dorough to write the songs, and used his connections with ABC to put the shows on the air. The rest was history. While the show only "ran" for 12 years, the shorts have never really left TV since then.

Remember these characters? You probably haven't seen them since 1985.ABC

But even if you know every word of the original shorts, you've probably never seen the four lost episodes...

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