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Old Internet Slang We Will Never Admit To Using (But Totally Did)

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The internet during the 90s and early 00s was a dark, scary place. Not just because creepy men tried to pick up underage girls in chat rooms, but also because we used the most obnoxious slang known to man. You can mock kids who say "bae" and "DKM" all you want, but we were the generation who said "ROFLcopter." So really, who are the ones that should be mocked?

This was the most popular internet slang from back in the day and don't lie, you used it.



This wasn't even short for anything. Lawl is just the phonetic way to say "lol." Typing it out was one thing, but when your friends (or you) started saying it out loud in normal conversation, that's when things got messy.

2. XD

Know Your Meme

Is it in pain? Is it smiling? Is it dead? Is it short for Xtreme Dancing? Who knows? What I do know is that it was overused and should never be seen again

3. 1337


It's come to my attention that this was not only a thing people wrote, but that it stands for "leet" as in "elite." The elite would know better than to change their letters into numbers. This is not algebra class.

4. haxx0rz

Hackers. Again, we're making things more difficult than they need to be.

5. 1337 haxx0rz


Combine two of the most cringe-worthy words and you get the ultimate "no thank you."

6. pwned

Silicone Angle

To get pwned is to get owned, but even harder. The term originated in World of Warcraft when a designer screwed up, so when the computer beat a player, instead of saying "you have been owned" it said "you have been pwned." It's the same as when your friend makes a typo now and you don't let them ever forget it.

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