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Nintendo's Gamebooks Used To Be The Hardest Thing We Had To Deal With, And We Miss That

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If you were like me, you can probably thank your childhood spent playing video games for your strong reading skills today.

I learned me grammar skills from games too.Know Your Meme

Not only did we have to learn to read to master the games we played, but we also honed our skills on countless copies of Nintendo Power, that great monthly supply of tips, tricks and walkthroughs. But there were also a few great book series based on video games, including the Worlds of Power books.

Pictured: how to write a book report in third grade and still have fun.Phillip J. Reed

Of course, no kind of book was better suited to adapting Nintendo's video games than the Choose Your Own Adventure novel. These books put you in command of the story, and Nintendo realized the marketing potential of a series that let kids read through an adventure starring Mario or Link.

That led them to release the Nintendo Gamebooks, 16 books featuring stories from Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom. They were mainly written by Hooked on Phonics and Reader Rabbit creator Russell Gins, but some up-and-coming writers wrote entries in the series as well.

Only two of the original 12 books featured Zelda and Link.Super Luigi Bros

Gamebooks writer Bill McCay went on to pen a number of Stargate books, and Matt Wayne later wrote for TV shows like Justice League, Static Shock and Danny Phantom. While the series was a lot of fun to read, we mainly remember it today because these books were so tough...

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