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MTV Is Bringing Back The Time-Traveling Reality Show No One Asked For

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Did anybody ever catch MTV's The 70s House in the early 2000s?


The show only ran for one season in 2005, probably because of its absurd premise. It took 12 people (6 men and 6 women) who thought they were going to be on a The Real World-style reality show, but what they got was something entirely different.


Instead, they were stuck in a 24/7 simulation of living in a house from the 70s! Every day a Charlie's Angels-esque disembodied voice would give them tasks to do, with each member of the house losing points any time they didn't keep things authentic to the 70s.


The show's producers would try to trip them up too; they would leave things like Madonna albums from the 80s lying around the house, and if someone didn't comment on it like "I've never heard of this Ma-donna" they'd lose the challenge and maybe be eliminated!


While the show wasn't a success, MTV clearly thinks there's still potential in the concept, because they're bringing it back for an entirely different decade; it's coming back as The 90s House.

The details we have about the show are already pretty weird...

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