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I Pity The Fool Who Doesn't Know These 7 Facts About Mr. T

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There are a lot of celebrities in the world, but none are quite like Mr. T. Whether you like his acting or not, you've got to admit that he is truly one of a kind. He has done a lot in his life, but how much do you really know about the man? Let's take a look at the 80s star and see what's behind all those gold chains?

1. Do you know his real name?

Mr. T obviously wasn't born with the name 'Mr. T'. He was born on May 21, 1952, and his mother named him Lawrence Tureaud.

2. Did you know he joined the military?

Tureaud enlisted in the United States Army, serving in the Military Police Corps. He was promoted to squad leader but that didn't mean he didn't get in trouble from time to time. At one point he was assigned to "chop down trees" as a punishment, but his sergeant didn't specify how many. He went all out, chopping down over 70 trees in only four hours.

3. Did you realize he almost played in the NFL?


After he was discharged from the military he tried out for the Green Bay Packers. He could have made it, but he had a knee injury that prevented him from qualifying.

4. Do you know how he became Mr. T?


He developed the persona 'Mr. T' while working as a bouncer. He started collecting gold chains after customers would leave them behind in the clubs, and just wouldn't give them back. He eventually became a bodyguard. He worked for models, judges, politicians, athletes and even celebrities like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and Diana Ross.  

'I pity the fool' why doesn't read the rest of this...

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