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We've All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong, So We Should Probably Go To Jail

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Throughout our childhoods and into our adult lives, there's been no greater ruiner of friendships disguised as a "fun" game than Monopoly. Originally invented as a commentary on capitalism (seriously, look it up), the real-estate game has sold millions of units worldwide and is a part of nearly every household's board game collection.


You know it, and you've definitely played it at some point in your life. Of course, that means that you've been subjected to all the many, MANY kinds of rage that this seemingly-innocent board game creates. Kinds like: "Stop buying all the railroads!" or "Hey, the banker's been stealing money this whole time!" or my personal favorite "WHY THE F*** AM I IN F***ING JAIL AGAIN FOR F***'S SAKE?!"

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This tends to result in a lot of hurt feelings and flipped boards, especially when one person is clearly running away with the whole thing and there's no way any of you are going to be able to catch up. If only you had an easier way to get property than just rolling the dice and hoping to land on the right one.

Well, dear reader, it turns out there is such a rule for that, and it's one that people routinely forget about when playing the game. It's a rule that changes everything, and largely for the better...

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