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Meat Loaf Has Had Enough Near Death Experiences That It'll Make You Wonder If He's Cursed

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Meat Loaf is one of the biggest singers to come out of the 70s, and honestly his music still holds up to this day. He has had countless hit songs and many awesome performances in movies and TV shows that always make his fans happy. Personally, his role in Spice World is one of my favorites, but of course he was also in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club.

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He was born as Marvin Lee Aday before he changed his name to Michael Lee Aday. Now, everyone knows him as the iconic rock star Meat Loaf. But even rock stars have their problems.

Apparently the "Bat Out Of Hell" singer has had some pretty bad luck in his life. He has had multiple near death experiences, and a whole lot of other traumatizing events that could have really gone a lot worse than they did. How does one man can cheat death so many times?

He was in a huge car crash

He was once traveling in the back seat of a car when the driver lost control going around a corner. The vehicle rolled off the road, and the awful experience has left the singer afraid of traveling in the back seat. He prefers to be in control, and honestly, can you blame him?

He was hit in the head with a shot put ball

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Shot put balls are 12lbs of solid mater, and Meat Loaf managed to take one tight to the head. He was in high school when it happened. He said, "I was standing 62 feet away with my back turned, warming up and there was no way anyone thought it would be tossed that far. But the guy who hit me was the champion of Dallas. Everyone else was throwing them about 30 feet."

He's had a lot (maybe too many) of concussions

Meat Loaf has had nearly 20 concussions in his life. He said "I’ve had 18 [official] concussions. I think I had a 19th, but I didn’t go to the doctor, so it’s not official."

He has actually had more recent injuries as well...

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