'Matilda' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Matilda was a staple for all 90s kids. We could all somehow relate to a little girl who just wanted to be accepted for what she was. It was a little terrifying at times, though. That chokey still haunts me. And though I love chocolate cake, watching Bruce be forced to eat it was a little traumatizing.

But where are these lovable kids now? It's been 20 years since 'Matilda' came out and they've definitely changed. Although a few people look unrecognizable.

Mara Wilson as Matilda

Mara Wilson now has her own blog called Mara Writes Stuff. She took a break from Hollywood for a while but is now back doing voice over work for the Netflix show, BoJack Horeseman.

Kiami Davael as Lavender

Kiami Davael didn't really continue with acting after Matilda, only finding a few roles over the years. In 2008, she graduated the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts Psychology.

Embeth Davidtz as Miss Honey

Embeth Davidtz has been busy since Matilda, with recurring roles on Mad Men, Californication, and Ray Donovan. She was also in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mary Parker.

Danny DeVito as Harry Wormwood

Danny DeVito has been extremely busy since Matilda, in both film and TV. Currently, he stars as Frank on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He can also be seen in Nespresso commercials with George Clooney.

Jacqueline Steiger as Amanda Thripp

Jacqueline has kept a fairly low profile since Matilda. She took some time off acting to attend university, graduating summa cum laude from UCLA with a BA in Linguistics and Anthropology and a minor in LGBT studies.

Rhea Perlman as Zinnia Wormwood

Rhea Perlman currently stars on The Mindy Project as Annette Castellano. She is also an award winning author.

Brian Levinson as Michael Wormwood

After Matilda, Brian Levinson had only one acting credit on an episode of Seinfeld. Other than that, he has been out of the public eye completely.

Kira Spencer Hesser (Cook) as Hortensia

Matilda was Kira's big hit, but she continues to act in various roles, including a webseries called Ragdolls.

Pam Ferris as Agatha Trunchbull

Pam Ferris has had an illustrious career. TV and movies alike, Pam has kept busy since Matilda. 90s kids may recognize her as Aunt Marge From Harry Potter And the Prizoner of Azkaban.

Jimmy Karz as Bruce Bogtrotter

Jimmy Karz has definitely changed since his cake-eating days as Bruce. The now-retired actor has dropped a ton of weight and is currently training to be a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

As you can see, some people (*cough cough* BRUCE) have totally changed, while others have stayed pretty much the same (lookin' at you, Rhea and Danny!) It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Matilda came out, but it's definitely still a classic.

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