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11 Things Macaulay Culkin Admitted In His Candid Reddit AMA

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He may no longer be as famous as he was back in the '90s when he starred as Kevin McAllister in the Home Alone films, but Macaulay Culkin is still making headlines.

At 37 years old, the former child star is making a comeback of sorts. In addition to appearing in a number of films and television shows, including performing voice work for the sketch comedy Robot Chicken, Culkin also plays in a band called The Pizza Underground, and recently launched a podcast called Bunny Ears.

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He has been promoting his new project by giving interviews, and to everyone's surprise, the notoriously private star has been revealing some intimate details during these chats.

During a recent appearance on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, he discussed his relationship with his late "best friend" Michael Jackson, his god-daughter Paris, as well as his abusive father, Kit.

Now, just a few days after that discussion, Culkin took to Reddit to participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. He answered questions about everything, from Home Alone to his alleged addiction.

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Here are 11 things we learned about Culkin during his candid Q&A session:

1. The first Home Alone is his favorite


Culkin explained that the first Christmas movie was "more fun" than the sequel because "We didn't know what we were walking into and it was a lot less flying all over the place; it was all in Chicago."

He also got a bit political when he added, "Also it had 100 [percent] less Trump."

2. He would like to see a remake

The former child star didn't confirm whether or not he'd star in the remake, but he did say that he supports the idea. However, he does have one condition: "Only if it was set in the woods, à la Rambo."

3.  He wasn't addicted to drugs

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When a user asked about his alleged substance abuse, Culkin admitted that it was never as serious as the media made it out to be.

“Yes, I consumed and imbibed in drugs in my life," he said. "Never as bad as people said. It's not really a thing in my life right now. I'm an adult. I like to drink.”

There's a lot more he reveals about himself...

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