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12 Little Golden Books That All Of Our Collections Started With

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We all owned at least one Little Golden Books when we were kids. They were the originally released all the way back in 1942, but they continued to be published for decades. The collection grew over the years, with new stories being added all the time.

They were made specifically to create a sturdier option for children to read. The cardboard cover and colorful images were exactly what kids wanted. The books were all the same length and size and in order to keep them competitively priced they only cost $0.25.  

The original set of 12 are some of the most memorable stories from our childhoods, how many of these did you own?

Three Little Kittens

It started as an old British folk tale that was turned into a story for children. I guess it was supposed to teach us about the responsibility of taking care of our stuff, but in the end I think it makes us want pie.

Bedtime Stories

A bunch of your old favorites all compiled into one convenient collection. It had Chicken Little; The Three Little Pigs; Little Red Riding Hood; and Gingerbread Man.

Mother Goose

Everyone needs a few Mother Goose books in the house! They are absolute classics!

Prayers for Children

Simple concept that helps those families who are religious.

The Little Red Hen

Old folk tales always seem to be about working hard and teaching people a lesson. If you don't help make it, you don't get to help use or eat it!

Nursery Songs

It's such a cute little way to learn all your favorite nursery songs!

There are still more books, including everyone's favorite...

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