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Lindsay Lohan Re-Enacted Her Favorite 'Mean Girls' Quotes, And It Is So Fetch

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If you went to high school in the early 2000s, there was no movie that reflected your life quite like Mean Girls. Starring Lindsay Lohan as a young girl who, after living abroad in Africa for years, has to deal with the social structure of an American high school, the movie was a major hit and remains one of the funniest movies ever made about how terrible high school could be.


Everyone who'd ever gone to a high school instantly found something to identify with in the movie. Whether it was our love for Lindsay's awkwardness, our seething hatred of the "plastics" played by Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried, our respect for Tina Fey as the tough but fair homeroom teacher, or even our desire to bitch about people we hate with Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Franzese.


Most of all, who could forget any of the memorable, hilarious quotes from the movie? Quotes like the coach giving a sex-ed lecture that sounded like exactly what everything we heard about sex in school sounded like:

Or one of the truest lines ever said in human history about Halloween and how we celebrate it as teenagers:


And of course, Gretchen Wieners trying to make "fetch" happen:


While unfortunately there hasn't been anything from the franchise in a long time (aside from a horrible direct-to-video sequel that we're just going to pretend doesn't exist), it's clearly still in the minds of at least one of its stars: Lindsay Lohan. She recently appeared in a Youtube video where she quoted her favorite lines.

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