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Levar Burton Is Being Sued By The Creators Of 'Reading Rainbow'

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Reading Rainbow was a big part of all of our childhoods. We would all be so excited to hear the new stories that Levar Burton would be reading to us and luckily it continued for decades.


However it isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Now, the show is causing quite the commotion after beginning a legal battle with the former host, Levar Burton. He is being sued by the creators of the series for violating contracts.


Burton launched a kickstarter back in 2014 to try and fund a reboot of the show. It didn't seem to work out exactly as planned, but he did launch a new podcast called Levar Burton Reads.

He would read short stories each episode and a encouraged people to think of it as "Reading Rainbow for adults".


The problem is that because of this comparison, WNED (the creators of the original show) are claiming that it is "an unmistakable - and unauthorized - invocation of Reading Rainbow".


The complaint against Levar Burton was filed on August 4th, 2017. The lawsuit says that, "The media latched on to Mr. Burton's use of the phrase 'Reading Rainbow for adults,' and it became the de facto slogan for the podcast." Because of this reference they think that he is guilty of infringing on copyrights.

This isn't all they are accusing him of, click to the next page to see the rest of the allegations against Levar Burton.

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