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15 Struggles You Won't Understand If You Weren't A Teen In The Late 90s

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The late 90s were one of the weirdest times for trying to be a pop-culture-savvy teen. Grunge was over, Y2K loomed over everything, and all of our media, from the music to the movies to the TV, was just friggin WEIRD. Of course this all bled into making us one of the weirdest bunch of teenagers ever, with weird struggles like the 15 you'll find here.

Having to fight for tape space with your siblings for your favorite shows.


Fighting over who got to be Oddjob in Goldeneye 007 multiplayer (the correct answer was "nobody").


Running out to buy the latest soundtrack album (to a movie you never actually watched).


The sheer shame of showing up to school wearing both backpack straps.


Making sure your boxers weren't dumb-looking (because your pants sagged enough to show 'em).

Little Gate

Burning the roof of your mouth with these bastards after school.


The heart attack you got from these speakers being turned up WAY too loud.


Not enough of a nostalgia trip? Wait'll you see the rest...

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