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A Massive Celebrity Crashed On His Couch And 6 Other Facts About 90210's Jason Priestly

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There are some characters in television shows that seem to absorb the actor who plays them completely. Brandon Walsh is probably one of the best examples of those characters. While the actor has played countless other roles, he will always be known as Brandon.

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The thing is, Jason Priestley is more than just Brandon Walsh. He isn't just a former teen heartthrob, he is a talented actor who has a super interesting life behind the scenes! Check out these interesting facts about Jason Priestly!

He is actually Canadian

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Starting off with a simple fact, the actor is from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He became a naturalized American citizen in 2007.

He drives race cars

He is super into race cars, and actually owns his own. He has not only done the announcing for IndyCar racing events, but he actually participated in the races as well! He was in a huge accident in 2002, when he crashed into the wall at an Indy Pro Series race while he was going 180 miles per hour.

He's obsessed with the band The Barenaked Ladies

The actor actually helped them get popular in America after offering to direct their music video for "The Old Apartment". He also invited them to play at the Peach Pit on 90210!

He has some dream plans for the 90210 cast


He wants to create a collection with new interviews that he directs. He said "”I think you should be able to buy seasons 1 through 10, and Paramount should hire me to put the whole thing together and do all the [extra] interviews. God knows I directed the most episodes of any director.” He was responsible for 15 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, including the two-part graduation episode.

He also wasn't afraid to let us know that the behind the scenes rumors were true...

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