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James Cameron And Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back In The 'Terminator' Franchise In 2018

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Any children of the 80s and 90s definitely have some pretty great memories of the Terminator franchise.

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Directed by James Cameron and starring a still relatively-unknown Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1984's The Terminator was a smash-hit that introduced us to Sarah Connor's war against the machines and their attempts to send terrifying robots back in time to kill her and her unborn son, John.

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The movie combined action, science fiction, and horror into a package that was equal parts tense and badass. Linda Hamilton went from terrified a victim to an awesome heroine, taking on the nearly unstoppable T-800 Terminator robot played by the future Governor.

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The Terminator was such a huge hit that it spawned a franchise, leading to 4 sequel movies, a TV series, dozens of comic books, toys, video games, and tons of parodies.

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However, for the most part, the original people behind the success of this massive franchise haven't been involved with it for some time. James Cameron left the franchise after 1991's hit sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was missing for 2009's Terminator Salvation due to his term as the Governor of California.


While the Brawny Man did return to the franchise with 2015's Terminator Genisys, the movie was both a critical and financial flop (as was Salvation), leading to widespread complaints from fans that Paramount was mishandling their franchise, and had been for some time.


Well it looks like those voices were heard, because in 2018, both Cameron and Schwarzenegger will be coming back for a brand new Terminator film!

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