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It's Been 20 Years, But Rick Moranis Is Returning To Acting

There is some exciting news for Rick Moranis fans! Even though it's been twenty years since he last did a live-action role, he has decided to make an exception to his rule.

Back in 1997 he made the decision to step away from acting after his wife passed away. He has been missed in Hollywood but he made the right choice for him and his family. He has said that he wasn't against coming back to acting, he just needed something worth doing. He has finally found something that is important to him and it is VERY exciting.

Everyone remembers Bob and Doug McKenzie, the hilarious brothers from the Great White North parody talk show that Moranis and Dave Thomas made together. The characters appeared on SCTV, Saturday Night Live and in the movie Strange Brew. Well, get ready for them to come back!

Thomas has decided to host a benefit concert for his nephew Jake due to a spinal cord injury. He has asked many of his comedy buddies to help out and several have decided to join in, including Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Eugene Levy, Paul Shaffer and the one and only Rick Moranis.

The McKenzie brothers will be reuniting on stage to bring back their classic Canadian bits, and we could not be more thrilled. Hopefully this benefit concert will get broadcast in some way, whether it's on TV or online so we will all be able to witness his epic return. I wonder if he feels a lot of pressure coming back with so much attention surrounding him?

Are you excited that Rick Moranis is making a mini comeback?

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