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In The Ultimate Mash-Up Of Old And New, Watch The Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones' Sing 'Ice Ice Baby'


Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," despite being a song from the 90s that we kinda regret liking so much, is one of the most massively successful rap songs of all time, and easily the high point of the man's music career.


Despite originally being released as a B-side to "Play That Funky Music" (which was nowhere near as successful), the song went on to be the first hip-hop song to top the Billboard Top 100, ultimately going Platinum in multiple countries.

It remains a hallmark of "so good it's bad" hip-hop even to the present day, and there's all sorts of great renditions of it to be found online. So of course, someone took clips of the current hottest show on TV, Game of Thrones, and edited them to recreate a full verse and chorus of the song. The results are hilarious.

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