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Here Are The 10 Beanie Babies That You Need To Dig Out Of Storage So You Can Retire Early

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If you grew up in the 90s, there are most likely some of these TY Beanie Babies hanging around your house or your parent's house packed away in a box. Well, it might be time to finally cash in on that investment because there are actually quite a few worth some decent money now!

Sure, there was always the rumor that buying beanie babies would make you rich, but when the whole fad went out of style, the value of a lot of these guys dropped significantly. All of us with shelves upon shelves of beanie babies were left with a bunch of stuffed animals that we had no idea what to do with. They all got packed away in boxes and shoved into attics but it might be time to pull them out because some are worth really good money now.

Here are 10 of the most valuable beanie babies you might just have tucked away in your house!

1. Princess the Bear

This bear was made as a tribute to Princess Diana following her tragic death. If you have one of the original first run of these it could be worth a fortune! Depending on the version you have it could be worth $75,000!

2. Curly Bear

Curly is worth around $24,500! That's a lot of money seeing as how these guys cost less that $20 new.

3. Peace Bear

Each one was unique so there is a huge variety of what they look like. Apparently that makes them worth up to $5,000 to the right collector!

4. Valentino Bear

For such a simple looking bear he is worth a good chunk of change! You can get a whopping $19,000 for this little guy.

5. Millennium Bear

While everyone else was panicking about Y2K, the TY beanie baby company was creating a bear that is now worth around $5,000.

Check out the next page to see the rest of the beanie babies that could help you get your next vacation paid for in a heartbeat!

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