Hate When Summer Ends? These 11 Games Keep It Going All Year Long

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Summer's a great time for getting outside, especially when you're a young kid on your summer vacation! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and summer never feels like it lasts long enough. Fear not! These 11 games have all the summer goodness you could possibly want, meaning you can enjoy some fun in the sun even when it's cold and dark outside.

Wave Race 64


This N64 launch title was had tons of water to make you wish you were at the beach. It was especially fun with friends!

Super Mario Sunshine


Mario and the gang literally find their summer vacation disrupted by Bowser and his minions, and while their situation is dangerous, this bright, sunny game just evokes tons of summertime good feels.

Rollercoaster Tycoon


Real amusement parks are expensive and crowded; why not build your own instead? We all loved building the biggest monstrosities of a ride possible.

Ecco The Dolphin


You're a dolphin who has to save his people from aliens, which mostly entails swimming through beautiful blue oceanscapes and encountering other sea creatures.


Double Fine

We all went to summer camp at some point, and here's a game that's all about that. The twist? It's a summer camp for psychics, and you have to save it from a mad scientist trying to steal everyone's brains!

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