Grab Your Wands! There Is A Wizarding World Virtual Reality Game Coming To Us!

The wizarding world just got a little bit more real! The virtual reality system called Daydream has announced a game that will let you transform into a wizard. While there are no plans right at this moment to create a Hogwarts based game, they are taking advantage of the latest edition to the wizard canon with "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" providing the back drop.

November is going to be such a magical time! Not only do we get a new wizard movie on November 18th, but this new game too? Lucky muggles we are! This game is going to let you control your very own wand to cast spells, hopefully being able to make Hermoine proud.

It will be so cool to be able to see the magic happening right in front of your face!

You will even be able to explore that briefcase of Mr. Scamander's that we keep seeing in those wonderful promos.

This is perfect way to help get everyone psyched to see Fantastic Beasts, although who isn't already counting down the days? It can't just be me right?

If you aren't as excited as I am, go watch the trailer and maybe you will come up to my level.

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