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Get Excited! Nintendo Is Planning On Bringing Back Another Classic Console

As much as we all loved the NES Classic Edition that came back last year, Nintendo decided to stop making it. They discontinued it even though it sold out completely because they said that "NES Classic Edition wasn't intended to be an ongoing, long-term product."

Well, never fear because your second chance is here! No, the NES isn't coming back for round two, but sources are saying the Nintendo is planning on bring back the Super Nintendo with a SNES Classic Edition!

Eurogamer claims that sources close to the company said that the console should be launched in time for Christmas this year. Apparently this new console is why Nintendo didn't want to continue with their first venture into the classic consoles.

They haven't announced anything officially, but there were SO MANY amazing games for the SNES it makes sense to try it out. Hopefully they will make more of the consoles than they did with the NES now that they know how popular they are going to be.

It's assumed that the SNES Classic Edition will stick with the same format of the preinstalled games as a simple plug-and-play system.

Does this mean they are going to keep going and make other old systems? Because I would pay good money for a new N64...

Are you excited for this announcement to be made official?

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