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Garth Brooks Pretending To Be Chris Gaines Is Honestly Just Peak '90s

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Everyone has heard of Garth Brooks. Whether you listened to him when you were younger, or your parents were obsessed with him, Garth Brooks was everywhere in the 90s.

The one thing a lot of people seem to forget is that Brooks took a little break from country music to attempt to have a rock and roll career. He left behind his cowboy hat and his signature goatee while he fully immersed himself in the rock lifestyle, complete with a new name.

Chris Gaines was Brooks' "rock and roll" character that he decided to take on, but not a lot of people know why. Turns out he wasn't just wanting to hide from his country fans, it was all part of an elaborate plan.

The character Chris Gaines first debuted to fans on September 28th, 1999, when the Chris Gaines album was released. Everyone was really confused.

It was obviously Garth Brooks's face, but he had shaved his goatee into a small soul patch and his hair was long and in his face. The album tried to claim that it was "Chris Gaines Greatest Hits" but no one had ever head of him before. While the album was trying to be more rock and roll, it was actually more of a pop-album. The song "Lost in You" was on the Billboard pop charts and made it all the way up to number five!


There was actually a whole reason why Garth Brooks turned himself into the pop-rock star, and it makes it seem a little less insane...

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