10 Things About "Friday Night Lights" That Will Leave You With Clear Eyes and A Full Heart

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Friday Night Lights was one of the most criminally underrated shows on television. It wasn't until it got cancelled that we all started to appreciate the magic the Dillon Panthers brought us. Smash Williams, Jason Street, Tim Riggins, and Matt Saracen all gave us a love of football, even if we never thought it possible. Plus, Tami Taylor is the guidance counselor we all needed but never got.

Here are some things about Friday Night Lights that will leave you screaming "CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T LOSE!"

1. Life Imitating Art

Tim Riggins lead a troubled life and even found himself homeless. This is not unlike actor Taylor Kitsch, who says he would couch surf for a while when he tried to make it as an actor.

“I’d go to my buddy’s place, stay there ‘til 11 or 12 at night, and then say, ‘Well, I’ll see you in a bit!” says Kitsch. “ Then I’d go to the subway and pass out there in one of the subway cars until five or six in the morning—however long I could—and after that, go to the gym and shower.”

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“I was living in my car in L.A. for, like, four months,” he says. “It was a Firefly—a tiny hatchback with 12-inch wheels. Not great to sleep in. And the fuckin’ thing—the window would jam on the side door, and I was so mad at it that I was pulling it one day and it just shattered. Cut to me with clear plastic over the window held down with duct tape."

Kitsch is now worth over $8 million, so hopefully he'll never have to live in his car again.

2. Hair of the Dog

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When Kyle Chandler auditioned for the role of Coach Taylor, creator Peter Berg didn't like him. He thought Chandler was "too good-looking" for the role and that he wasn't rugged enough. Chandler showed up to his next audition on a motorcycle and completely hungover. How's that for rugged?

3. Second Chance

Before the show we all know and love came to be, NBC tried to do it first. In 1993, they launched a series called Against The Grain. It starred Ben Affleck and only lasted one season.


4. Come Drive With Me

Post Grad Problems

When Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were cast as the Taylors, they decided to take a road trip together to get to know one another. People were worried they would end up having an affair on the road, but they never did. Even still, their chemistry on-screen was so intense that people thought they were sleeping together. If only they knew that Kyle Chandler was so uncomfortable with doing a sex scene with Britton he actually refused to do one in season 1. They never had one for the rest of the series.

5. Is There A Doctor?

Tim Riggins lived in a terrible, run-down house. Though you may have thought it was just made to look like that for TV, the house they filmed in was actually as bad as it looked. It was so full of mold that Taylor Kitsch actually got sick. A doctor was called to the set and advised them to stop filming at that location.

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