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18 Toys That Seemed Like Freakin' Magic When We Were Kids

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There's a famous quote that says "magic's just science that we don't understand yet" and all of these toys are proof of that. As kids these things all seemed like they had to be powered by magic, even though it was mostly just science. Man, I wish life were still that simple.

Here are 18 toys that totally blew our minds back then.

1. Liquid Timer

It was basically just a fancy hourglass, but it was way more fun than just watching a sand one. Tell me that you wouldn't spend just hours watching this if you had the chance.

2. Plasma Ball

It was hard not to feel like some kind of sorcerer whenever you touched one of these.

3. Diving Sub

It started as a cereal box toy, but basically if you filled it with baking powder, it would make bubbles that would let it float up to the surface before sinking back down again. That's a way cooler bath toy than some rubber duck.

4. Pet Tornado

Basically if you shook it hard enough, a little tornado would form and you could imagine all the destruction your little tornado friend would cause. Or, if you were like me and had parents that didn't want to waste money on a toy that would just make water funnels, you had to make do with the DIY soda bottle version.

But instead of the fancy plastic connector we just would duct tape the two bottles together.Reddit

5. Sea-Monkeys

"Sea-Monkeys" is definitely a more exciting name than "brine shrimp." We'd always get bored of these pretty quickly, but the idea of "instant life" was pretty cool (even if it was totally inaccurate).

6. Astronaut Ice Cream

The only thing cooler than ice cream is space ice cream. Too bad this stuff is not only total B.S. (astronauts don't actually eat this stuff), but it also tastes like garbage. Unless you actually enjoy eating glorified chalk, then I guess you do you.

7. Balancing Bird

Something that literally just sat there probably shouldn't have been nearly as entertaining as this was, but here we are. We just had to try and balance it on every possible surface we could. You know, for science.

8. Soda Bottle Rocket

Whether you used the baking soda/vinegar method, the water/bike pump method, or some other version, there's no denying that finding ways to launch a plastic bottle as far as possible was as fun as it was awesome.

9. Star Projector

Because who wouldn't want to fall asleep staring up at the stars? I wanted one of these so bad as a kid, but I had to make do with those glow in the dark stars you could stick to your ceiling.

You don't know true fear until you get woken up by one of these slapping you in the face after falling from the ceiling.Amazon

I'm still not convinced that this next toy isn't actually some kind of black magic sorcery...

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