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For Those Of Us Without A Nintendo, These Were The Next Best Thing.

There were a lot of us who couldn't afford the latest gaming systems when we were young, so we had to find our own coping mechanisms to deal with that sadness. Some decided they didn't like video games and instead played with other toys, some would spend a lot of time with their friends who had them, and some would instead get one of these little handheld games and pretend it was just as good.

Theses little "Electronic Hand Held Games" were the closest we could get without spending too much money, so we went with it. They would usually be themed around a TV show or movie and would have pretty much one thing that you could do. Imagine those basic running games that you can get on your phone now, except it was just a picture in the back and essentially a few black pixels that would be your character and you would have to avoid obstacles.

They were simple in theory, but annoying in practice. It wasn't like there were a lot of save points, so you would always have to start from the beginning and just see how far you could get.

Do you remember owning one of these? Here are a few more to try and jog your memory! Think you can pick yours out of the line up?

It was just the greatest thing ever, right?

Which one did you have? There are way too many to list them all, but share which you had in the comments and tag a friend who had one!

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