Don't Get Mad, Get All The Secrets! Director Of The First Wives Club Celebrates The 20th Anniversary By Sharing Set Secrets

The First Wives Club was a movie that apparently almost was completely different. The film was cut and cut again, rewritten and changed around so much so that it is almost unrecognizable from the original intent. It all worked out in the end, with the movie making a successful $105 million in its theatrical release and has remained a popular movie since it was released. The director of the film has released a few of the secrets of filming in an interview with Vogue that might make you think a little bit differently about the 90s classic.


The musical number was a last minute addition

According to director Hugh Wilson the film never had an ending. They could never figure out a strong ending to the story of female empowerment but they ended up getting the rights to use the song and after several takes they used the last one shot. Apparently Goldie Hawn started coming down with the flu and Better Midler broke several heels in the filming. But when you watch the movie it is the perfect ending so hopefully they believe it was worth it!

Sarah Jessica Parker is as awesome as you hoped she would be

Even though she may not play greatest character morality wise, SJP herself made quite the impression on the director.

I'd go to war with Sarah Jessica Parker. She kicks ass, and when she's not on camera, she goes over and starts reading a good book. - Hugh wilson

The director decided that Ivanka Trump would be the best one to deliver the slogan

Former Mrs. Trump ended up in all the promotional material for the film after her extremely brief appearance.

John Stewart was supposed to be in the movie?


Yep! That John Stewart! He was supposed to play Goldie Hawn's younger boyfriend! He shot for several weeks and was eventually cut out for time restraints. It was an entire story line that amounted to 40 minutes cut from the movie. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say: We are going to need to see some of that footage please.

Everyone thought it would fail

They were wrong! The movie did great but initially there were some concerns due to the number of people who ended up contributing to the script. The writer who wrote the final draft even requested his name be removed from the film. And then when the original cut ended up crazy long they all got a little nervous. But during screenings they found that women were wanting the movie to work even though they didn't love it yet so they kept at it and made it the classic it is today!


In honor of the 20th anniversary you should probably revisit this movie! Watch it with your girlfriends and celebrate female-friendships and fighting for what you deserve. Or if that doesn't sound  like enough of a reason, go watch it again because Maggie Smith is a comedic genius.

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