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Remember Your Favorite Emo Crushes? See What They Look Like Today

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Were you caught wearing baggy black pants, heavy eyeliner and studded bracelets?  Whether you fully embraced the emo lifestyle or you just loved the music that came out of it, you probably remember these familiar faces.

From magazine cutouts, to locker posters and scrapbooks, our teenage years were so involved in our favorite celebrities's lives that we knew everything about them.

But what about now? Where did our emo crushes end up after we grew up?

Joel Madden and Benji Madden From Good Charlotte

Remember the brothers from Good Charlotte that we swooned over? Whether it was the bad boy piercings or the ink, there was just something about these emo guys that really caught our attention.

The band took a hiatus after 9/11 and announced their return in November 2015.

"We feel like we have this new quest in our careers to tell artists the truth—to take our experiences and share them with younger artists and help nurture them."

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy

Whether it was his hair or his amazing guitar skills that caught your attention, Pete Wentz was definitely posted in your locker.

In 2001, Pete found the pop punk group, Fall Out Boy and together they were successful with a total of six studio albums, two live albums, thirty-three music videos and over twenty singles. As of 2013, the punk rock band had sold over 7.5 million albums across the world.

The band went on hiatus, Pete got a divorce, and now the band is back together and they're putting out great music, yet again.

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco

He went from band member to solo artist since Panic! At The Disco broke onto the music scene.

In an interview with The Guardian he was asked, "Having had all this success with your first Panic album as a solo artist, has it occurred to you that you should have got rid of the rest of the band a bit earlier?"

Urie responded, "Yeah, right? I should have done this years ago! But it has been crazy, from the first split until now it has been a hell of a ride. I always wrote on my own, then later on I’d bring it to the band and we’d all discuss and compromise. Now I write just the same, then I don’t need to compromise at all. I’ve never been more comfortable in my own shoes, and wearing all these different hats."

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