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10 Facts About "Home Alone 2" You Can Read While Eating A Large Cheese Pizza In A Limo

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What Kevin McCallister lacks in luck, he makes up for in intelligence.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was released on November 20th 1992, and people got really excited about it. We still love to get the hot chocolate out and watch this movie during the Christmas season.

Here are 10 facts about the second movie installment that you can talk about the next time you watch this film with your family.

10. The Plaza’s real phone number is used in the movie.

Everyone wanted to stay at The Plaza hotel after the movie came out, so they called the number that was shown in the movie. The Plaza used this to their advantage, and started offering Home Alone 2 packages, which meant a family could stay in Suite 411, the "Kevin Suite," for $1,100 a night.

9. Turtle doves.

The turtle doves used in the film were only created for the movie, but people loved them and wanted to purchase these delicate ornaments, so replicas were made and sold to the public.  

8. The Plaza lobby's carpet.

Remember the scene where Kevin slipped on the hotel lobby's floor? That only happened because the carpet was removed, and the owner of the hotel at the time, Donald Trump, liked the new look so much that he never replaced the carpet.

7. Trained pigeons.

It's reported to have taken 12 weeks to train hundreds of pigeons for this movie.

Since we're taking about pigeons, Brenda Fricker's character, who is known as the "pigeon woman," is based on the "old bird woman" from Mary Poppins.

6. Frozen cameras.

The actors reported that it was very cold on set, so cold that some cameras froze during production.

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