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6 Facts About Full House That Will Leave You Saying "Have Mercy!"

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Were you a fan of Full House when it was on, or did you warm up to it after the show ended? No matter when you started tuning into the Full family, we can all agree that the reason we kept coming back to this show was more than just the hilarious jokes, or the cutesy wiles of the Olsen twins, or even the charm of Uncle Jesse.

Even if you've watched these episodes 100 times over, I bet you still didn't know all of these behind-the-scenes facts from the family that came together!

What's In A Name?

The show was originally supposed to be called House Of Comics because the show itself was going to go in a completely different direction! Instead of a family, it would involve three comedians living in a house together.

Baby Don't You Cry

The reason that the Olsen twins were hired on to play the part(s) of Michelle Tanner was simply because they needed twins to get through all the filming and they were the only ones that didn't cry during their audition!

Ain't No Rules Against It

Did Comet seem a little familiar? Turns out he had several stage names, and this pup who could shoot basketballs, hockey pucks, and stop soccer balls would go on to become a star in his own right as Air Bud!

These are cool, but some of these on-set secrets will melt your heart!

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