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Ever Wonder What The Cast Of 'Doug' Would Look Like All Grown Up? Well Wonder No More!

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Though it only ran for four seasons, Doug was one of the best cartoons of the 90s, and we absolutely love it to this day. The misadventures of Doug Funnie and his pals were consistently hilarious and fun, so much so that they even made a movie out of the show!

However, like plenty of shows that got canceled ahead of their time, we never got to see the characters grow up, and we've always wondered what they'd look like as they got older. Well wonder no more, because artist Isaiah Stephens has drawn up some pretty awesome renditions of how the cast of Doug might look like as teenagers!

Connie Benge

Isaiah Stephens

Patti's slightly naive friend (who might have had a crush on Doug) traded her flat pastel dress for a pretty excellent one, and her hair got a great makeover.

Chalky Studebaker

Isaiah Stephens

Everyone's favorite lovable jock looks much the same as ever, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Bebe Bluff

Isaiah Stephens

The heiress to the Bluff family fortune looks like every bit the teenage socialite we expected her to grow up into, and she still has a thing for yellow on blue.

Boomer Bledsoe

Isaiah Stephens

The nicest of Roger's gang still seems like a decent dude, even if his best friend is a jerk.

Willie White

Isaiah Stephens

Our favorite doofus seems to have come into his own. Good for him!

Ned Cauphee

Isaiah Stephens

The smart-man of Roger's gang (who happens to have ten brothers and sisters) seems to have finally sorted out what was going on with one of his eyes.

We know who you're really here for though, so check out the main cast...

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