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Eddie Murphy's Disappearance Has Us Asking "Wazzup wi'chu?"

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Even though he has been a fixture in Hollywood since the late 80s, Eddie Murphy hasn't really done much in the last handful of years. Starting out on Saturday Night Live, we couldn't get enough of this comedian's humor.

From Beverly Hills Cop in 1984 to The Nutty Professor in 1996 and Dr. Doolittle in 1998, there are some definitely hits that came out in the 80s and 90s thanks to this hilarious actor.

But where has he been? Let's find out.

He made a bunch of flops

Murphy's on screen career has always been a bit of a roller coaster. From huge hits like Beverly Hills Cop to The Adventures of Pluto Nash, which still remains one of Hollywood's biggest bombs, a decade later things don't seem to be doing any better.

Starring roles in box office bombs include 2007's Norbit, 2009's Imagine That, 2008's Meet Dave and 2012's A Thousand Words has sent this iconic actor into a tail spin.

All these busts cast a shadow over his 2006 Oscar-nominated Dreamgirls.

In spite of all his flops, he remains in good spirits.

"I used to joke about movies that flopped," Murphy said adding, "I don't even say I have movies that flopped anymore, I'm like, anything that you got to do— they actually put it on the screen and they gave you some paper, that's a f***in' hit." He continued, "sitting around talking s*** about Pluto Nash—I'm like, in my house we have Pluto Nash week. We celebrate Pluto Nash. We don't have Halloween in my house, we have Vampire in Brooklyn night."

He dropped out of hosting the Oscars

In November 2011, Murphy announced that he will no longer be hosting the 84th annual Academy Awards that were set to air the following February. His decision didn't sit well with members of the Academy.

"It was a career mistake," one member told The Hollywood Reporter. "What the hell was he thinking?" "This is like a big middle finger to the Academy and to the industry," said another.

The timing of his announcement came the day after Brett Ratner, the director of Tower Heist, had dropped out of the telecast's production after making anti-gay remarks and discussing his sex life on Howard Stern.

In the end, his replacement, Billy Crystal, received a luke-warm reception, so Murphy may have dodged a bullet after all.

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