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'Double Dare' Host Shares What It Was Really Like Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Favorite Game Show

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Double Dare was one of those shows that kept us glued to the TV when we were young. We all thought that if we could get on that stage, we would be able to beat those challenges with ease. Obviously that's not true, but it doesn't hurt to dream right?


Marc Summers was the host of the epic Nickelodeon game show from 1986 until 1993. He also was one of the executive producers and made sure that the show was a hit. He told Business Insider a bunch of details from the filming process that make us miss the show even more.

They made 30 shows a week


Summers said, "It was fun. We started off doing 4 shows a day, then 5 shows a day, and we got up to 6 shows in one day. Times 5 days, that was 30 shows a week."

How they cast the kids


Casting the kids was done in a way to make sure they had "real kids. According to Summers, "the thing that made us distinctive, over anything that was on the Disney Channel, was we used real kids. We didn't have the blonde-haired, blue-eyed a perfect child. Our kids had acne, and their hair was messed up. And I think the kids at home related more to the people that we had on our show than anything that was currently running on Disney at that time."

His favorite challenge?


"Favorite physical challenge of all time on "Double Dare" was 'Pies in your Pants,'" he explained, "There was a catapult over here. You'd put a pie down, you'd shoot it up in the air, somebody had clown pants, and they had to catch 3 pies in their pants in 30 seconds or less.

His least favorite challenge?


There was one specific challenge that gave him a lot of trouble, and that involved pet food. He said, "The one thing that I had trouble with physical challenges, was pet food. You see, if you open up a can of dog food, I pretty much lose it. And so they kept trying to get me to do this physical challenge, and as soon as I walked over to the set, and there was all this dog food, I almost lost it. I puked, almost. And I had to go outside, and they had to change the physical challenge."

But what has he been up to since?

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