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Do You Remember These Vintage Happy Meal Toys?

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McDonald's introduced Happy Meals in 1979 and forever changed the face of fast food.

Sure, they gave out toys before that, but getting one WITH your meal? Game changer.

38 years later, McDonald's is still going strong with their brand and those glorious Happy Meals. If you're ever in the mood for a light lunch, order a cheeseburger Happy Meal and feel 10 years old all over again.

Take a look through some of the best McDonald's Happy Meal Toys and see if you remember any of them.

Fuzzy Memories TV

Ronald McDonald Mask, 1974


Terrifying now, revolutionary then.

Play-Doh, 1983


In the classic tin can, no less.

Changeables, 1989


These ended up becoming a classic toy through the year.

Buildems, 1969


This was one of the first toys McDonald's ever made.

Ronald McDonald Doll, 1970


McFavorite Clown Valentines


The best way to say "I love you as much as I love McDonald's."

Little Golden Books, 1982


Don't ever say McDonald's didn't care about your well-being.

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