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Do You Remember Playing With These As A Kid? They Look Totally Different Now!

Every 90s Girl had or dreamed about having a Polly Pocket. A plastic little case that opened up to reveal a miniature doll house for your little peg people to play in. They were honestly 6 inches big MAX. The little figures were only a couple centimeters tall and had a circular base so you could stand them up in various places in the little case.

They were so popular, practically everyone remembers having one or at the very least, knew some who did. These little dolls came in a variety of different cases that each had their own theme. You could even get some that were based on your favorite movie. Imaginations seemed to be a lot more powerful back then!

Polly Pocket got quite the makeover in the last decade or so, she is pretty much unrecognizable compared to her old self. Which do you think is better?

This is what the original Polly Pocket looked like:

And she lived in a little case like this:

This is what she looks like now:

And she hangs out here:

As you can see, she has grown in size a fair bit. Also, they make these jelly-like clothes that you can switch out so you can change her outfit. They still have some Disney versions like they used to, but even those are crazy different.



Can you believe how different they are? I don't know why they are still called Polly Pockets, they are not even the same thing!

What do you think about the new versions? Do you prefer the originals or are you okay with these new ones?

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