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Disney's Classic Reality Show 'Bug Juice' Is Coming Back With A Brand New Season

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Disney Channel

Nearly twenty years ago, Disney launched their very first reality show. It was based on kids at sleep-away camp and we were all captivated completely. Bug Juice was a crazy adventure that made us feel like we were right there in the drama.

Disney Channel

The first season of the show was set in Maine at Camp Waziyatah. The teens would arrive at camp and meet counselors, their bunk-mates and then do all those regular camp activities we all remember so well.

Disney Channel

The original series was on between 1998-2001 and followed 20 kids in their camp experience. The show was a summer staple for a lot of kids and now that it will be back, we feel a little bit nostalgic, and honestly kind of old.

Disney Channel

How has it been 20 years since this show aired?! It feels like just yesterday that we first got to experience camp second hand.

It was pretty fun to watch the show, you got all the drama of camp without any of the mosquito bites!

The show is planning a comeback for the 20th anniversary, click to the next page to find out the plan!

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