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21 Tattoos That Were Inspired By Classic Disney Movies

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Kids have been growing up watching Disney movies for generations. I don't think there is a single person in North American who hasn't seen at least one of the films, and I think it is hard to find someone who didn't at least like one a little bit.

Then there are those people who love their childhood movies implicitly. Just because you grow into adulthood, doesn't mean you have to leave everything from your past behind, and some adults have taken this idea to heart. People have been immortalizing their favorite movies and characters permanently in ink, tattooed into their flesh for all to see.

Not all tattoos are good, in fact we have all seen some truly terrible ink in our lives. You pass someone walking through the mall or down the street and you see that horrible piece staring back at you and you can't help but wonder why did they ever do that?

With these next 21 Disney inspired tattoos, we don't think you will have to wonder about the why. In fact you may be lining up to get your own some day soon.

Disney Dining

This Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland looks epic.


Ohana means family - from Lilo and Stitch.


The classic Mickey and Minnie.

Da Vinci Tattoo

Scar from the Lion King.

Ideas Tattoos

Aurora wasn't the only iconic character born out of Sleeping Beauty.


A whole sleeve inspired by multiple Disney movies.


"I can show you the world."


And the one who made the magic happen.


The Lion King showing us the meaning of being a father.

A Plus

Peter Pan showed us the power of dreams and imagination.


Mother and son, as shown by Beauty and the Beast.

They just keep getting better from here.

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